01 Pilot

Introducing Good Grief. 

Reading about the origins of my Native heritage in my estranged father's obituary gave me a way to confront my relationship with him—or the lack thereof. 

Special thanks to my family for letting me record them and my friends for putting up with my anxieties and being my greatest editors, and also thanks to two of my professors from UNC, Stephanie Elizondo Griest and Joy Goodwin, for helping me flesh out this idea.

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Music"Deuce" by Indian Wells. "Rain on Glass" by Podington Bear. "Roulette" by The Plastic Jazz Orchestra. Narration recorded at Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies.

Episode Extra

I made an 8-hour detour, and all I got were these yearbook photos.

Driving to Akwesasne took 15-20 hours. Part of that is because of a pretty important detour I made to find photos from my father's college years. Here's what I found.